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About This Blog

Why the Teaching Astrophysicist?

I went with The Teaching Astrophysicist tag because originally I was drawn to astrophysics and that was my main area of focus at university, however I was drawn into teaching more fully at university. I have been in and around education for the past 15 years and toyed with the idea of a blog for years. Finally, 2023 came around and being an odd year, it seemed like a good time to start something concrete that I would stay committed to.


This blog will hopefully serve as a useful place to share and reflect on some of my teaching knowledge and to provide rich conceptually deep material for public enjoyment. I aim to make this blog authentic and honest with my insight into teaching and all related educational topics. 

Further, I hope that it will help to connect with other wonderful educators for fruitful discussions, collaborations and sharing of all kinds of ideas and conversations. Feel free to drop me a line for almost any topic to do with education as I would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for dropping by! - Cheers and stay curious

Oliver - The Teaching Astrophysicist

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