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Post the First - 31.01.2023

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

This is the first in what will hopefully be many blog posts to come.

I have been in education for almost 15 years now. Tutoring, teaching, inspiring and educating in various ways. I have worked for international schools, the International Baccalaureate (IB), tutoring centres, run my own tutoring business and now - currently - work for a progressive online school known as School Beyond Limitations (SBL).

I am starting this blog in order to try and provide greater input into the broader educational community. I love education and believe in its power in many different methods and aspects. Education is much more than a student sitting in a classroom learning directly from a teacher. It can come in many forms and serve many functions. A student learning by doing, learning from nature, learning from a book or many other different ways and places of learning.

For now, I will start by simply stating my target of writing one blog post per week.

This can be on almost any topic as long as it is education related.

I hope that you enjoy the thought-vomit and educational conundrums that I will attempt to highlight and consider in the coming months and possibly years.

Thanks for reading and considering this extension of myself.

For now, I'll just say cheers and stay curious

Oliver S. - The Teaching Astrophysicist

(Note: This blog post was NOT generated by AI and is conceived, typed and uploaded by a real person.)

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